Gullivers Travels (2010) (mediafire)

Posted by sayanakhiburan on 02 February 2011

The tale of Gulliver stuck on an island as a giant in a country of miniature people is something of a childhood favorite. It’s a thrilling and imaginative idea—what would it be like? How would you act, and what could you accomplish as a giant? The story is a historic and famous piece of literature written by Jonathan Swift in the 1700s, popular among all ages. 

In this new, comedic version of “Gulliver’s Travels,” Jack Black, who plays Lemuel Gulliver, brings his love of classic rock and outrageous physical wrestling moves to the story. Director Rob Letterman, who also directed “Monsters vs. Aliens,” along with the screenwriters, took this classic story of English literature and transformed it into a decent holiday movie, which youngsters may like more than adults.


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