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Posted by sayanakhiburan on 27 March 2011


Appalasamy (Gana) and his wife Nalaini (Jaclyn) is blessed with a beautiful girl called Shruthi (Raja). One fateful day, Nalaini gets into a car accident while on the phone arguing with Appalasamy. He promises to his late wife that he will take good care of their daughter, in which leaves him to become overprotective of her. When Shruthi turns 17-years-old, she decides to continue her studies in Kuala Lumpur to be more independent. Secretly, Appalasamy applies work as a gardener in her college to look after her. Trouble starts to brew when a famous singer decides to court Shruthi.


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>> PART 1
>> PART 2

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Cik Itam @ ira said...

same cm citer papadom jer...

Saiful Nazmi said...

ha'ah cik ira... huhuhu... pas ni nak letak cite mars need mom plak... huhuhu

Anonymous said...

memangla sama, dah director nye sama

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